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“ajshoots”Trial and error.

Decided to follow that advise and order a press with couple custom sized dies (thinking to start with .218 and .217). Alas, Lee is out of stock. Not sure what ‘out of stock’ might mean for custom sized dies, maybe they no longer make em? Does anyone know another place to order dies?

One thing to mention – when I push a pellet into the breech area of my ST barrel and then push it back out – the skirt measures at 5.53. Now, the potential problem I see is that none of the pellets I have (JSBs, H&Ns, etc) measure more than that at the head (tails are always significantly wider, as you know, sometimes as much as 5.80). Usually, I see 5.49 – 5.51mm heads.

Am I correct recalling that this sort of situation is undesirable? It effectively means I’d only be re-sizing the skirts, and heads will be kind of wobbly in the barrel until they encounter smooth twist rifling (which, as I noted before chokes them to 5.40)