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As you’ve already has the talon ss it seems easy to rule that one out. it should have shot well    inute of pest bird ) at 100 yards if everything was right. Did you do each and every trick posted on the internet? ( kidding ) But what were your average benched groups at 100?
 Now 120 yards  is a stretch but can be done, naturally wind/shooter ability other is a large part but so may be the barrel? The LW barrel that is the very least fussy seemingly shooting ANYTHING well out to 50 may have deep enough grooves cut into it to harm BC over the long distance – where BC should improve-  .
 BSA does make a good barrel, as do others. $1,000 for something really that good a shooter puts you in the used market. So have far to a club near you? Face to face is always nice. At that range and target I personally could live with one of them there old single shot rifles folks don’t seem to want much these days, you just might find a great deal.

 But just how was your AF rig shooting at , 25-50-100ish?

We’ll be looking for pictures of something new soon.