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“tsp3355”X2 on the BSA R10.  Great gun for the money.  Well under $1K on sale.

X3. BSA R-10. Nothing can touch it for the money IMHO. I’ve had both the R-10 and AAS510. In my opinion, with the Hammer forged BSA barrel and the fact that it comes standard with a regulator, the R-10 edges out the AA in repeatable accuracy. Additionally it is less expensive to boot. I don’t miss the AA at all and I’ll likely never part with the BSA. There is a reason BSA’s are so popular in European bench competitions. Again, all IMHO. The AA is a fine rifle in it’s own right, I just think the BSA is better.

Top pictures below are groups from my BSA R-10 .22 at 50 yards benched. Bottom pics are the AA S510 benched at 50 yards. This is my real world experience. Also, here’s a video from a long time AA’s fan and well respected member of the community doing a review on the BSA. Catch what he says at the end in his summary.

All the best with whatever you choose.

hmmm having an issue with pics, standby please

AA S-510