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“spysir” Nice video, looks like a great place to work!   Really tho, good video and good shooting. Looks like you dropped of the reg on the last couple of shots but your numbers & groups match what I get though I have the LRT stocked HMx .30 with bells & whistles. If I could still lift one I would have gone with the BR stock it, as all raw’s, is a very well designed stock not just something that looks good, I believe the LRT is the lightest of the HMx line up ?
 Now get back to work.


 I found the English sub-titles by clicking the little gear shaped button.

yes my friend is very nice designed air rifle, the stock is really good i love it, and yes i put subtitles in english 2 days ago, i took me  some time to write the subtitles but now you can understand all the video. regards