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I’m lovin my wildcat. Its a .25. I have that exact case on my Amazon wish list, which I’m going to purchase soon. I also have fx no limit scope mounts with a Hawke sidewinder tactical 30 8.5-25×42. The price of that case went up $10 since yesterday. So from the bottom of the pistolgrip to the top of my vertical turret is 11 1/2 inches. Which leaves 1 1/2 inches. I believe the pull and pluck foam has a 2 inch border , so ill have to cut into it. No big deal. As far as the hand pump, I can’t help you out. I have an omega 75 cf tank I get filled at my local paintball store. Those pumps are good for filling say up to 3000, but anything more is very difficult. The wildcat fills to 3300 so I didn’t get a pump. Maybe you should look at getting a tank because of the wildcats high fill pressure to get the most shots per fill. I fill to 3300 down to 2000 , then refill. I get 48 shots (6 magazines). You will get more in the .22. Find out the fill pressure of the .22 and the psi rating of the pump. Good luck. Welcome to AGN. Your gonna love the wildcat. I shoot 1/2 inch groups at 65 yards if the conditions are good.