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It’s probably also worth noting that any of these Impact issues are not exclusive to the Impact. Quality control across all PCP gun brands and models is inconsistent which is why you can find complaints about almost every one of them with a simple Google search. 

If a person were looking for a guarantee of receiving a perfect product with little or no chance of having problems, they would have to take up a different hobby. 

Now, sending a $1900 gun out with a leak is poor customer service as that should be easy to spot before it leaves the warehouse. Almost every air gun I have bought has been shipped with some air in the reservoir (if not a full tank). 

Customer satisfaction related to resolutions for any issue is probably worse right now that it is for other air guns because of the long waiting list and the sellers policy. If it were a gun in stock and Pyramyd Air was the the seller, you would have a new one on it’s way within hours of returning the old one using the prepaid fedex bar code they sent you. Mistakes are easy to forgive when dealt with like that. When you have to pay to ship it back yourself with no line of sight to when you’ll receive a replacement after already waiting months, I could imagine that prompting the odd customers to be somewhat vocal about it on a public forum… 

If AOA paid for return shipping like PA, they might be incentivized to check them better before sending them out. They could fix many of those issues easily at their shop.

The good news is that when the Impact doesn’t have issues, people seem to really like them so, sooner or later, you’ll end up happy. 

Teething problems are a risk you take when you are an early adopter but there aren’t many new air guns that are as exciting as the Impact right now so if you can’t wait, set your expectations accordingly. 

Act like you’re not excited about it maybe. I only have problems with products I was really excited about.