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You will like the Condor SS. I had one in .22 and loved the versatility in the gun. If you like to tinker then you’ve found your gun. Read as much as you can about the gun once you get it. There are a TON of simple adjustments and upgrades you can do which make the gun more accurate and consistent. I really thought of using mine as a door stop when I first got it but once I started doing some work to it, it became an obsession. I have since moved into other brands and had to sell my ss to fund those, but I do wish I still had my condor ss during certain excursions. Welcome to the dark side of airguns :). 

A side note; make sure to keep all you receipts and what not from when and where you purchased. Get with AirForce and register with them as soon as possible. They have excellent customer service and do everything they can to keep you as a customer. I will say that is one thing that will bring me back to an AirForce air gun in the future.