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“Blizzard”Also, as was posted before Kral Puncher is the same gun with power adjuster which retails for half the price Jkhan and Evanix Rainstorm brand does. Same gun. Turks just got a better pricing policy (as reported on the Polish forum)

Koreans seem to want to keep Evanix as their premium brand that is true. Their electric line of guns is very cool, they know it and keep that under the Evanix belt for a while (imho)

In any case none of these guns really compete with European made air rifles. And for us living in EU prices on EU made guns are good same as on Evanix :)

When you say the Krosa can’t really compete with the Europeam guns, which ones are you talking about? What bullpups are there that are made in the EU, have a LW barrel and retail for $800 (or even close). You have the Daystate bullpup which is in a price category on it’s own and the FX guns. Most of the other popular bullpups are from Russia, Korea and the US. There is the new Hatsan bullpup which the Korsa easily competes with. 

I grew  up in Europe and travel there frequently so I am more than familiar with that market. Prices even on European air guns are no less expensive there and in many cases in the UK they are even more expensive. Products tend to compete with  products in a similar price bracket. If I was to try and pick and handful of EU air guns to compete for the Jkhan’s target customer base, I would struggle. 

While many EU manufacturers have stood still, brands like Jkhan have caught up or aren’t far off. There is a level of complaisance or sometimes arrogance with EU manufacturers (or that’s how it seems). An air gun is not better just because it’s made in Europe. It seems like, regardless of where they are made, they will all end up using the same barrel, the same cf bottle, comparable regulators and all come in a walnut dress eventually. You have to ask, what makes them better in Europe besides a lingering reputation. There is no obvious features that haven’t already been replicated. Only FX innovates over there at the moment. 

It is also worth noting that the 12ft lb power limit in many EU countries kinda makes Eurpeoan opinions irrelevant when choosing a gun in America. You take a powerful hunting rifle which puts out north of 55fpe and impose a 12 ft lb limit, it makes it a different gun. Most of the other debate around noise, shout count, accuracy and consistency is similarly irrelevant. Less power equals less accuracy, less noise, more shots, smaller game, shorter range…

BTW, you can’t really believe that “the Koreans” got together and decided to keep Evanix as their premium brand… Can you?… You must know that decisions aren’t made like that ever…. Right?

As as for pricing policies in Turkey…. These will be decided by the distributor there and as a country with a low average income, they wouldn’t sell many air guns at American or UK prices. Prices are usually based on what they can get away with. It is our own fault for having higher prices here because we keep paying it. The fact that there is a less expensive brand in Turkey doesn’t detract from Jkhan here. We need more high quality affordable brands a lot more than me need another $1500 bullpup. The American  market dwarfs the EU so there is room for more brands easily. We love having a choice.