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“ajshoots” A 30 minute bottle from 2700-4500psi will take around 5 minutes on my 2.4cfm compressor.

As an FYI  – a Compressor that is putting out 2.4CFM at 4500 psi will (or should) fill a 30 min bottle from empty in 18min and 20 seconds.

I have a Shelden that is rated as a 2.4cfm. I time all my fills and just took a stab at filling a 30 minute bottle as I don’t have and have never filled a 30 minute bottle. Was just a guess. I usually top off both my tiger shark and guppy when they are down to 2900-3200psi and top off both to 4750psi as they cool to near 4500psi. I fill both back to back and allowing 30 seconds to a minute after both are filled for the compressor to clear any moisture out of the cylinders, I end up with 10-15minutes of total run time.

AJ – based on my calculation (obtained by some info on the web) a 2.4cfm compressor should take approx. 10.9 minutes to raise 89cu ft of air from 3K to 4500psi, which is right in the middle of your estimated 10-15 min.