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I only asked for CFM for a direct comparison since all other units have listed CFM or CFH and those ratings seem to be accurate to the fill rates they produce. At one point you responded that your compressor would fill my Tiger Shark tank which is 71cf and my guppy that is 18cf as fast as my 2.4cfm compressor does. That made me assume that the new Airmax is around 2.4cfm? I read a post on another forum that someone had asked for reviews and someone gave a little mini review and stated 15-20minutes to fill from 2700-4500 for a 30minute scba bottle. If it is a true 30minute bottle it is around 44cf. A 30 minute bottle from 2700-4500psi will take around 5 minutes on my 2.4cfm compressor. Based on your previous info of the compressor and reports by dman, the info i just read on the other forum must have not been timed or the person isn’t sure what size bottle they really have. Having an accurate CFM rating for the Airmax can help people make an educated decision. Since you already have a customer that posted a time that would lead folks to believe the Airmax is much slower than advertised. Please understand I mean no ill will, just trying to point out something that could be of benefit. When I bought my compressor, comparing CFM was a major factor in my purchase.