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Your choice would be influenced by the units intended use. As an aside, why stop at one?
I own and shoot a Steyr LG-110HP hunting, Daystate Airwolf, FX-400, two Crickets and a 25 Marauder. 
The Steyr has probably the best mechanical trigger on the market, is single shot, very accurate for a 18-20 FT lb gun, somewhat heavy, nice accessory rail built into metal forend, ca 60 shots per fill, no built in suppressor.
Daystate Airwolf 25 is very accurate, excellent electronic trigger, somewhat heavy, ca 50 shots on high and 175 on low power, virtually silent with the Huggett.
Crickets are very accurate, no safety, synthetic stocked versions are heavy, trigger is quite manageable, very effective factory suppressor, appear to be very efficient is using air, magazine system is not designed for rapid change.
FX-400 with reproducible three level power adjuster is a favorite, good trigger and safety, moderately effective factory installed suppressor, accurate and light weight.
Marauder 25 is a bargain for the buck, 16 good shots from a fill, 1000 yard accuracy challenges both the Cricket and Airwolf, trigger could be improved. 
I regularly shoot BR and BR silo and less frequently FT. I use the Steyr for indoor BR and 25 meter shoots, the Airwolf and Cricket 25 for 100 meter shoots, the 22 Cricket or FX-400 for outdoor BR and silo shoots, while the 25 Marauder is used to discourage critters from my dock at 140 yards.