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“sean48855”Well according to the gauge on the gun I start just under 200 and end at 155ish


I would first disassemble the gun and be certain the spring and hammer are working as they should. Make sure all the parts are in correctly and that there is no drag on the hammer. Basically eliminate anything mechanical that would be messing with your results.

Then what I would do is fill the gun to 200bar on your gun gauge. Close your tank valve but leave the tank attached. When you do this your fill gauge will show the pressure in the gun cylinder. Most fill adapters have pressures in psi so I would use that to get a little more precise.

I would make sure your port constrictor is wide open for the testing as it severely cuts down your efficiency at lower power levels.

Shoot a 100 shot string and note the pressure on the tank gauge (because it should be more accurate) for every 5 shots.

Something like this
1    890    3000
2    890   
3    885
4    885
5    890    2925
6    895
7    895  
8    900   
9    900
10  905    2825

etc on till 100 shots

Post the results