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That YouTube reviewer noticed a thin valve stem on the Edgun? Heh, but does not notice MAJOR quality issues with his beloved Taipan Mutant some of us are heaving to resolve. Which is hilarious to even listen too how faked up your US dealers are. Especially after Taipan was exposed by Mr.Sniperqty

Eduard on the other hand, is a real man and a gentleman, said they will fix the issue straight up. Probably because it is his work and creation and he cares. I wish the owner of Taipan was this honest as well as some other Chinese and Korean manufacturers. Admit and fix problems in their air rifles, or even provide replacement parts.

Fuko, I am like you I don’t like this post also. Ed and his Edgun company is a treasure and his is one of the best people in this business in terms of knowledge. Just watch his tube channel. Spasiba Ed.