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If it’s been under a shed for a few years then don’t fire it again – certainly don’t dry fire again – until you’ve given it a good seeing-to.

Careful with the spring, it is powerful and a b*gg*r to get recompressed and back in if you release it when disassembing..

Careful with lubes and where they go and don’t go, as you may end up with a dieseling air rifle (as above – avoid this).

I’m not a spring rifle expert, but you may find some local spring rifle expert hobbyists via one of the UK forums.

I suggest airgunbbs or airgunforum. Someone in your county could look at it and guide you to a list of things that need doing.

Final thought, unlikely, but possible that someone left it there as it is an over 12lbs (UK FAC) rifle and they had “plausible deniability” while it was there.

This is very unlikely if the rifle is a .177. slightly more likely if it is a .22 or a .25.

But now you possess it, you are responsible for ensuring it is under 12fpe with nasty penalties if it is found >12fpe.

Cleaning the barrel and getting a local to chronograph it with pellets of known weight is probably wise. Get a local to help you with this.

I’m in Staffs.