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Zebra. Are we talking here about air rifles or how good some US dealers are?

If some director at Hyundai approves and signs invoices for this “brand” then this means what? They own the brand.

Want to know the real reason why Koreans generate clone brands of their best selling rifles? Because some dealers mainly in the US press them for an exclusive import contract. Then those dealers start falling back on their promised sales volumes because of their high prices and such large manufacturer is stuck with parts over production. And so they generate another clone that ends up having another exclusive distribution channel.

In Western Europe Jkhan does not sell well. Too high cost here. We can get an HW100 here for that which is 100 times a better gun. And FX for just a little more. European buyers are very educated crowd, they know what to buy. YD Trading is just an agent taking out %. People checked them out.

Jkhan sells well in the Arabia’s and Eastern Europe, mainly do to cost and shortage of good air rifle brands. However Chinese are pushing them out in the price department.