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NM shooter,

I sincerely appreciate your input.

Many of our customers, have already posted their feedback on our compressors and their fill rates on several forums.

We ourselves, post on 5 forums in the US alone.

We have also posted the manufacturers fill rate, however in use we find them much faster than advertised and those rates are not applicable to the actual performance of our new compressor.

We have videos using this compressor and state our exact pressures, fill times, and capacities on small medium and large 118cu tanks filling from various pressures including zero.

I am certain from the information we have already provided, the fill rate could be extrapolated.

The important facts are how fast does it fill at full pressure in an Airgun usage application.

All of this information was done prior to these compressors being available in the US and clearly posted on our website with links to the videos.

It is “real world” testing and use.

We feel in our application (airguns) this information is more valuable.