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Nice shooting John. You have nothing to feel bad about. Using your FT rifle against the dedicated BR rifles and adjustable front rests, I d say you did damn good using a bag! Keep at it and you will get the tricks down. We are gearing up for this years FT matches. I and some friends at the THAGC club are hitting some of the Grand Prix circuit starting with the Cajun Classic in March.  We were going to go to the Heflin Al match, but it is cancelled. The Pyramid cup and possibly a Grand Prix by our club is in the works as well as the Nationals in Michigan. Hope to see you again at one of those. Oh yeah….don’t be stingy with the beverages this time….LOL  Only kidding.

One of our members you met at the nationals Chris (in the camo outfit in your pic I posted on the Yellow) and I are working on a new place for FT matches. Chris approached his powder gun club and they graciously are allotting an area in the woods for the matches. We already made the main path and will be making the lanes in a week or two. There is also a covered metal pole bench rest structure with metal framed bench rests we can use after we clear some small pine saplings from in front on the berm hill. Perfect for BR comps when finished…  Mabey we can get you to come on down south to shoot some….