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It’s funny this conversation NEVER changes, whether its .177 vs .22,  .22 vs .25, or.25 vs .30 cal.  I was watching the same video and reading the same arguments i did about two years ago when i got my .177 and a year and half ago when i got my .22, and Tom Doggy dog almost had me looking again after watching his bobcat .22 when i’m about to pull the trigger on a .25.  If is a matter of power i’ve seen people take down a Ram and a coyote with a .22 (shot placement is KING) and at the end of the day ALL air gunners whom hunt should make this there number one rule whether using a .177 or a 30 cal aim small miss small and if you can’t hit an inch at that distance you shouldn’t take it.  We sometimes use the excuse that we have more power so its ok for that bad shot, and its really not ok (it was a bad shot).  My personal feelings on that matter, then there is the flatter trajectory but at these FPS it’s pretty much a non conversation starter, so it boils down to the selection of pellet, the cost of the pellets, the loudness of the gun, and lastly to you need the wiggle room that the power gives you or not?  For me, at this point of my air gunning life .25 is the biggest cal of airgun i want, cause i’ve been killing prey for the last year and half with a .22 with no issues, but i have room in the man cave for another gun so its time.