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“sean48855”Sweet thank you for the links I watch a lot of his videos im surprised I haven’t seen these ones do you feel that the reg was worth the money and effort as I am thinking I may go that route

Worth it? The Audrius reg I got was $69. It took a couple hours to install and tune. Hardest part was getting the nerve up to drill the vent hole in my air cylinder.
Before the reg I got:
27 shots at 26.3fpe w/i 4%
17 shots at 26.8fpe w/i 2%
10 shots at 27fpe w/i 1%

After reg I get 40 shots w/i 2% and 30 of those were w/i 1% – this is was cheap CPHP pellets right from the tin. I think once the reg gets broken in and I use some decent pellets all 40 shots will be w/i 1%.
Power level –
14.3 (880fps) – 24.6fpe
15.9 (860fps) – 26.1fpe
18.1 (820fps )- 27fpe

I say WELL worth it.