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Not hard at all. You need a 5mm hex wrench to take off the single bolt screw.
You then need a 2.5mm and a 3mm to remove the 6 screws that hold the breech on. And a 1.5mm to loosen the barrel to tube band. The 5mm also takes off the rear block screw.

Start at about 1:50 in the below video and watch to 2:50.

Then go to part 3 below and watch till 1:15. At this point you will see the small aluminum spacer attached to the spring as Matt takes it out of the block. While you are in there I would polish up the hammer rod so that the hammer slides freely.

You don’t need to take off magazine adapter
You don’t need to take off the trigger guard

I just watched these about 5 times yesterday as I just put a regulator in my S510 Carbine. I took mine apart about 10 times yesterday getting the tune right for the pressure the reg was set at. I wound up cutting off about a coil and a half of my spring. I’m now getting 40 shots w/i 2% between 24 and 27FPE depending on the pellet.