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If the pellet shoots very accurate straight from the tin, then die sizing as you said can aid in consistency at longer ranges.  But if none of the standard factory pellet sizes are consistent and accurate, then die sizing to match the barrel’s characteristics seems to be the thing to do.

I am still confused about pellet-head vs groove size vs pellet-skirt.  In the case of a pellet-head smaller than the groove diameter, only the skirt gets sized to the groove’s diameter size. But even if the skirt does not get sized, when the pellet is shot out of the barrel the pellet skirt still expands and seals up to the diameter size of the grooves because it’s thin and it was designed to expand with pressure behind it.  So skirt sizing may be trivial?  (albeit does not hurt)  Then you still have the pellet-head sizes that can vary from the same tin. If they all have heads smaller than the groove size (as in my case 0.252in groove vs 0.249 pellet-head) it seems the only thing that’s uniform is the skirt size after it expands.  

What about the choke?  Doesn’t the choke size the pellet again right before it leaves the barrel?  I would think that by design the pellet-head is never smaller than the choke?