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I enjoy learning …and trying things…but sometimes ideas don’t turn out as I planed. I will just have to see what happens…..   : ) I may just screw things up and have to order them anyway….hahaha         I am …not…. a good machinist by any means…. but I should get better with trial and error. I cant seem to understand how a pellet sizer could have died out. It only makes sense…. that the more you make something alike the better it would have to be. And in transition to pellets that would have to mean more accuracy. At least at the longer ranges. Its the same principle as arrows. I was lucky enough to have backing from a shop. They would let me check weight, straightness, and spine and pick the shafts that were the best. Just moving the knock from one vain to the other would effect impact points. Most just grabbed some arrows and shot and couldn’t figure out how they couldn’t keep a good group. I shot at a 5 spot target…and numbered each arrow. Each arrow would only be shot at the same x each round. Even after sorting, tuning, weighting, ect the impact of each arrow would be just a little different. So each shot you had to hold off just a little to get it to hit exactly in the center. Sorry about yammering on and on….I be-leave that that anything you do to make the pellet as close to exact to each other has to help.