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Hey Micbro. I also have an accushot monopod attached to my wildcat. Any stud will work . Uncke Mikes are popular or just one from Dicks or Wal-Mart. I used the 1/2 inch stud because I didn’t have much room. It also came with 3/4 inch stud as well. First put a piece of masking tape on the stock and mark the center where its going. Match up a drill bit to the shaft of the stud, not the threads. Measure down the drill bit whatever size stud your gonna use and put some tape around it. This will let you see how deep to drill so you don’t go too deep. Now put one of the washers on that come with the studs and thread it in. Push and turn. Don’t over tighten it. Once you get it started use an allen key through the stud to turn it. The plastic washer will squeeze a little to close any gap. After I got mine where I needed it I removed it, put a couple drops of super glue into the hole and screwed it back in. Not necessary but its an option to strengthen it , but never remove it again. Good luck, its pretty easy to do.