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As ususal, you are the MAN! This could really be great for this machine. 

Mrod, we all are rooting for you! In the end, I think you will have a good product. You have great ideas, however, your planning and delivery system is what brings you criticism. Not saying I could do any better, planning costs time and money (more than anyone ever realizes). The “problems” you are experiencing are no different than FX or Daystate when they launch a new product. When you are an individual vs a Corp, however, it becomes more personal for the good and bad. 

For thoughs who have partnered with you I would encourage them to continue working with you to “fine tune” their machines. I believe you are behind this product and you will do everything to make things right. I do think there will be some initial “bumps”. I would encourage those with a problem to contact you directly. If you are unable to correct the problem, then they have the right to report their experience on these forums. If you are one of the first to purchase this “new ” product you have to realize there will be things that will need to be modified. You also need to understand that Mrod is but two people where a Corporation has a “bunch” of personel. Please allow them the necessary time (which I am sure is more than you want to give) to correct the problem. 

In my opinion, this compressor is in it’s infancy stage and may need further modifications. Like your P12 rifle, I believe you will make improvements which can be added to the original model to greatly improve upon it. If I am incorrect about these statements, I offer my apologies  here and now. I think you have taken on a very large task and put yourself “out there”. Unfortunately, there is just and unjust criticism coming with that. 
I wish you best of luck on this venture!