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Where does it say Evanix on that image?

On their website, the key contact appears to be from YD Trading company. Hyundai is listed as the manufacturing operation. 

Hyundai offers contract manufacturing services to lots of companies. I can’t see an issue with this. I bet they have much better equipment than what you find in the majority of other air rifle manufacturers. The stuff I have seen from them is excellent. It’s a smart way for a new brand to start out.

The few recent examples we have seen where people try and invest in all the equipment themselves upfront has resulted in horribly expensive air rifles with long delays and major teething problems. American Air Arms, for example. Very expensive and long delays on their small bore guns. There is something to be said for sticking to what you do best. 

Something being discussed on a European forum (or any forum) doesn’t make it a fact. That is a key method for inaccurate info to spread. One person speculates based on an assumption. The next person regurgitates what he said and presents it as fact and a new legend is born. 

I wouldn’t have an issue if it was the same owner as Evanix though. Not sure why this would be presented as a downside. They make excellent air guns. It would just be a curious decision on their part to use a new brand name randomly. The Evanix name is already established. They have a following and attract a premium price. They are distributed through Pyramyd Air – one of the largest sellers of air guns in America. I can’t think of many reasons why they would discard their brand capital to start again as an unknown brand at a lower price point. If you are BMW, you tell people. You don’t pretend to be a nobody and expect to sell cars… At the least, you would have thought they might have tried to use their existing trade channels or branded themselves “Jkhan by Evanix” given how little people seem to trust a new brand.

PA don’t sell Jkhan guns though. If it weren’t for WildWest taking a chance with them, we never would have heard of them in America. PA would have actually been a better place to distribute the JKhan guns here. They have more experience with Korean guns so they wouldn’t have been advising people to mod them to shoot JSB pellets that can cause jams in the mag. They also focus more on the entry and mid-level air gun brands. They don’t carry Kalibrgun, Daystate, FX, Vulcans etc. Jkhan is out of place in Wild West’s catalogue. PA have an excellent returns policy that makes people feel more comfortable taking a chance on an air gun they aren’t familiar with. It’s the ideal store for Jkhan.

I guess it’s possible that PA turned down their Evanix rep when he offered them a new bullpup at half the price of the Max Ml and with a LW barrel at the height of the bullpup boom and told them to break their agreement and try Wild West (one of the largest competitors) instead. It wouldn’t be the first stupid business decision ever. 

Also, if it was true that it was a Rainstorm in a new stock with a LW barrel, it’s not like they are trying to pull a fast one by selling a cheaper gun  in disguise for more than the original like Hatsan is doing with their bullpup. You can’t buy any Evanix bullpup in .25 or 9mm for $800 even without a LW barrel. I can’t think of many Evanix rifles that cost $800 or even close period. I don’t think it’s the case but if it was, it would be the air gun deal of the year.