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Looks like this HW one ten is ambi in many ways, the safety is on both sides, the cocking side lever can be changed to either side, the stock is ambi and appears to be beech with a sort of rubber covering. The fast fire advertising appears to be no more than a shorter swifter stroke side lever, no fear of a semi auto, by the way here in UK semi auto is not illegal, however the other side of the coin is that there is nowhere to say it is legal… a world of difference that is  recognised by ACPO, BASC, UK Border Agency, Home Office, and CPS amongst others.  And of course ten shot mag instead of 14. I like the picatinny rail, and it is close to the barrel, giving low scope mount.  UK pricing seems competitive, it can be found on WWW for £595, with one report of £560… not verified yet. The cylinder is fixed, so no quick swap for a lightweight one. Materials technology evolves, move over for polymers, Hell, they will want to fit electronics to our rifles next….!!  As for handling temperature change, we know metal expands and contracts, we know cylinder pressure can affect the barrel, that’s why Daystate prefer free floating their barrels in addition to the electronics. As a package… I like the look of it.