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The Bobcat MK2 25 Cal has only 2 pwr settings.  On high with the 25 Kings my spread is now down to 4fps over the 80 shots at 878.  I am not going to change a thing.  With these numbers the consistency is amazing.  That is 1/2 inch ctc at 50 yards.  I use the Pwr level 1, 140 shots with a spread of 8fps and 654 for the backyard varmit.  Very, Very quiet with plenty of killing power.  Accuracy, yes, with exactly 1 1/2 inch change POI at 50 yards with scope set to 10 power as a comparison to Pwr level 2.  I for one want the accuracy and I have it just as it came from AoA.  The rifle did have a learning curve but after 16 tins of 350 Kings the rifle is settled in and performs.
When I want to experiment I grab the Marauders that I have which are non regulated and play with settings til the sun goes down.  Love them and will keep them but the FX Bobcat MK2 will easily reach the 100 yard mark and still have accuracy and power (fpe) that satisfies all of my needs for now.
There are always other inputs that a shooter must deal with such as wind directions, gusts and precipitation.  We all corrrect for those slightly misplaced shots but I have a rifle that can do the job and it is up to me to eliminate as many input errors as possible and deal with the outside influences I can based on experience and practice.