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I experimented with trying to make small diameter heads larger and was successful, but way too much work. fe7565, sizing head and skirt both to actual bore/groove size seems to be a rather well documented proven way to go. The key is to get a very accurate groove measurement when slugging. I used to buy 3 dies for a barrel. Actual groove size “0” and a +.001, and +.002. I no longer buy anything but actual groove for pellets. Now, if we start talking about bullets, then +.001 upto maybe +.003 could be needed to get a good seal inside the bore. Since bullets don’t have skirts to seal to the bore, you have to have a bullet with enough diameter to seal. I also hope that it is clearly understood that sizing and rolling are more of a long range benefit when trying to extract every last bit of accuracy. For 50 yards and under, I just shoot straight from the tin.