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I think that is probably going to depend on the rifle.  In my .450 rifled barrel, head size makes a big difference. Even on the .446’s that shoot really badly in my guns, the skirts are over .457 so the have to be getting sized down once they go from breach to first lands and grooves.

Though I have no way to know for sure I’m guessing the .446 head is ‘bouncing’ off the barrel and getting nicks/deformities vs a .451 head which stays in contact with the barrel and doesn’t ‘bounce’.  The difference at 50 yards with the same tine of pellets goes from over a 4″ group to a one rough hole group.  Same day, same conditions, same rifle, 50x scope shot from a bench rest.  Variation was all pellet.

Now maybe in a smooth twist barrel where the lands and grooves aren’t in contact that long, it would be a different story.  If someone wants to send me their .177 FX with a smooth twist, i’d check it out :)

Also if there is a very seasoned shooter reading this that has a FX smooth twist .177 that can group into one hole at 50 yards and wants to do the work, I’d send them a sample of these pellets and see what they come up with.

By the way, that single hole for the Barracuda .451’s had 10 pellets go though it…