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“Antj”Those edguns are nothing but a big pile of horse crap! I had a .22 that was awful and quickly pawned it off. The only thing I liked was the stock other then that 2 thumbs down. Just my honest opinion

Lol not one but TWO thumbs down!? I heard good things about the .25 cal. It also has one of the best stock designs compared to the vast majority of guns. Id just wait for v3 where he fixes all of the issues and adds a few improvements. I also like his account on here and how he is reaching out to the people with issues. This shows that he is open minded and stuff. I saw a some post from fxairguns too but not so much nowadays. Slayer air arms has crossman and they do a good job reviewing the gun features with us and addressing issues, at least on other forums. Id contact edgun on the forums about it and see what he suggest.