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“Harry_Ola”Cheers for all your help fellas.

I took it to a gunshop this morning and the guy there said it was a weirach but didn’t know the model and that it was unserviceable, and beyond economic repair. He said the spring was stuck under tension and wouldn’t fire. The barrel too rusted to salvage he said the stock was salavagable but wont look like it should. ..

So I get home a bit disappointed with it.. then I noticed a blob of rust on the safety stopping it from pushing in… scrapped it off and it pushed in with a nice click, aimed at nothing outside pulled the trigger and bang. A bit of dust come out. Went to cock again and it was bloody stiff so I think the spring hasn’t shrunk like he said just that he didn’t see the safety was on and wouldn’t push in..

Advice on how to proceed?

Good stuff Harry, you’re lucky that weihrauch uses loads of grease to grease the internals, and it probably will look better from the inside than the outside.
This is a very nice project gun, you have nothing to loose anyway.
I’d suggest to disassemble it,  replace spring and piston seal, try to remove all the rust, coarse at first, and polish it afterwards. Cold (or hot if possible) blueing job to finish up.
I’m sure you will be amazed how this gun will turn out with some TLC:)