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I think this question is easier to answer when limited to a specific air rifle or there are too many other factors. 

You give me a choice between a .25 Cricket and a .30 Hatsan carnivore, I’ll choose the Cricket every time regardless of what it’s to be used for. If you ask me to choose between a 25 and 30 cal Bobcat then there is more to talk about. 

Some 30 cal air guns are relatively low powered and some .25 cal guns are more powerful. I use 51g cast hollow points in my Career 707 at over 90fpe on full power. That’s more power and heavier pellets than many (or most) .30 cal air guns. My largest 25 cal pellets are 58g… The Career is also louder than most .30 air guns so the rules don’t always apply. 

You have to consider what else is in your collection too. If you only intend to own one air gun, a .25 cal is the way to go for almost everyone. If you intend to buy a few air guns, there are reasons to add a .30 to the collection but not many.

If I needed more power than I could get from a .25 cal  I would probably want a 9mm (or larger). There is clear water between a 9mm and a 25cal. Not so much with a .30. Plus you start to loose the benefits of an air gun at 30 cal like cheap ammo and the ability to practice in the back yard without accidentally killing neighbors.