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“tinsoldier”Zebra, thanks for the insights. I am contemplating of getting the Jkhan, however I am a little concern of it not being backyard friendly. I am not sure if you got s chance to shoot the Jkhan to give me a feedback on the loudness report. Obviously the cricket is well known for being quiet but if the Jkhan is anywhere close it would help me in making the decision.  I myself am looking for an all around backyard friendly Bullpup , with mainly hunting pests around the house and occasional target. 

With that $40 LDC they offer with the Jkhan there is not much difference in noise. It’s a little louder than the Cricket without it. It has a shorter barrel and a little more power so that is to be expected.

“Backyard friendly” is a matter of opinion and how nice your neighbors are but neither the Jkahn or the Cricket are super quiet in .25. Maybe quiet for the amount of power but they make some noise. My Cricket was fairly quiet when I first got it but it seemed to get louder after a few months of use. I do use mine in the backyard but not for extended plinking sessions. Just a few shots here and there when I see a squirrel or raccoon. So far no complaints. If you get the regulator option with the Jkhan plus the LDC, you should be ok. You can buy a weaker hammer spring to take the power down a notch too.

If you have neighbors that might call the police on you, maybe think about a .22. Then again if it’s too loud, just buy a good LDC. If it’s still too loud, you can just sell it. If you want the absolute quietest air gun, it not either of these two.