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“JoeWayneRhea”Yeah he showed me a carbon fiber that was done on a shotgun stock ..Where it stretches it takes on a diamond shape . The red cobra was my idea :) …. The hydrodipping canbe removed , but on mine he sanded it lightly and primed it before painting it red and then dipping . When it’s prepared like that its as durable as car paint .Mine also has clear coat over it

How come you didn’t use a carbon fiber dip instead of vinyl? Surely dipping one pattern is the same as any other in terms of difficulty. 

The red cobra definitely stands out. It looks like textured vinyl in the pic which shows how good the image quality is on a dip. It really is a cool technology. I could see a use for it in my home theater business. The red isn’t my taste but I can appreciate a quality job.

A lot of the air gun community loves to customize and mod their air guns. I am a little suprised that there are so few companies that support it. I can only think of 2 or 3 custom air gun stock makers and a handful of aftermarket upgrades for a small number of air rifle brands. The market for upgrades for mid – high end air guns is almost completely unsupported. They assume that people would only ever upgrade an Mrod or Airforce gun but never a Cricket or Wildcat.

While dipping isn’t my thing, I would totally buy other high quality custom parts for my Cricket if they were available. Making them myself is so time consuming. 

I wanted to ask about the shroud and cheek rest in your pics. Are they real carbon fiber or are they dipped?

The shroud on my Cricket is covered with a CF tube I made and I just finished making a mold to make a cf cheek rest. I would prefer an all carbon fiber shroud as my goal is to make a lighter Cricket instead of adding weight… I can make the outer shells ok but I’ve never made a shroud and baffles etc. If I could buy a cf shroud ready made, that would save me a lot of time as I don’t feel like learning how to make LDCs.

I guess I should ask… If the shroud is real CF, is it actually lighter than the original? The CF LDC I bought for another air rifle works very well but it weighs a ton because it’s full of metal baffles….

At $1500 for an air gun, people shouldn’t have to do the camo job themselves. The manufacturers should offer people a choice of finish just like car manufacturers.

We should all start a new thread to tell the manufacturers what we want them to add for their next air rifle….