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hiya scott, im about 60 miles away but I was tolled to replace pretty much everything that dosnt involve the rail witch I have (3 sets of mounts an 2 scopes) finally to ship it to where I purchased it from to have it looked at or as tony belas said last night ” if its in good condition send it to the factory and I can have my money back”   im just going to take a trip to the shop I got it from and deal with a refund through them an end all this.  

Sorry to all you AGN boys and girls im sure none of you want to read all this everybody here are a credit to the sport an a good bunch of people who are always happy to offer help and solutions to anyone who needs it.  Im going to stop dragging this situation out on this forum now iv had my say so im going to leave it at that to avoid polluting the forum if anyone has the same issue and wants to know how a solution was found then drop me a PM and ill let you know how I got on.

Thanks all and sorry again good luck to Lochen I hope you get sorted.