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I had been planning to modify the rifle myself. I could similarly find a way around the movement issue. I shoot Field Target in the UK and haven’t yet seen a rifle with no modifications. It’s just the done thing here.
My experience at the shooting show got to me, as have Mr. Belas response to ozone08 post about his observations and difficulty. 
My problem is not in getting the problem resolved, but in having it recognised as a problem. This denial and prevarication seems to prevail with British manufacturers and it’s too easy to tire of it.
As to airing this in public, I agree and am embarrassed at being forced to do so. However, when your face to face with the man, rifle in hand, and the prime opportunity to prove, or otherwise the existence of a problem is ignored, what choice are we left with? 
I would much rather have been properly engaged with by Daystate (as was promised before the meeting), consulted with, had discussions (over the promised coffee) as to potential solutions and maybe, just maybe, secure some offer help amounting to more than a replacement scope rail. 

At least this thing is cooking now. I await a further response from Daystate UK before I finally decide what to do.