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“JoeWayneRhea”. There’s my old Cricket . It looks wild . I wanted to do carbon fiber but the guy who did it said it would look funny because shape of the stock would stretch film too much

He managed to persuade you to go with bright red snake skin because carbon fiber would look funny? That is one hell of a salesman!

I assume he was talking about carbon fiber vinyl and not real carbon fiber or a cf hydro dip? Vinyl would certainly be difficult to apply to a Cricket stock in one piece without air bubbles or creases. I have a business that makes multi-layered projector screens and applying adhesive films is difficult even on a completely flat surface sometimes. 

I am 3/4 of the way into making a real carbon fiber Cricket stock and I had a lot of problems making a viable mold for the bottom half due to it’s shape. I eventually decided to modify the design to a more carbon fiber friendly shape. I removed the 2 support columns as they aren’t needed with cf anyway and I opted to use standard AR-15 grips instead of the original pistol grip shape. This pic was taken a few weeks ago when it first came out the oven. This was before it was trimmed, sanded and coated but you’ll get the idea:

I plan on painting and adding a dull matte finish to the stock as carbon fiber is very reflective (even though I do love that glassy cf look).