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Have an Air Force Condor SS with a .30 cal TJ barrel and other power mods.  Quite powerful and surprisingly quiet with the baffles bored just a few thousandths oversize.  One of the issues no one has mentioned is cost.  Thirty-cal pellets currently run about 11 cents a piece; just bought a lot of .22 LR for 6 cents; a brick of sub-sonics for 10 cents a round.  I took a Ruger 10/22, installed a Volquartsen target trigger, a Gemtech Mist 10-22 integrally suppressed barrel and dropped it into a stunning beautiful laminated thumbhole target stock.  Topped with a Hawke 4-12 vintage, the whole rig weighs just a bit more than 6 lbs, has 95-110 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, and is borderline backyard quiet with subsonic ammo.  The whole project, including the $200 transfer stamp, cost less than a base Cricket (and obviously much less than a Vulcan, Boss, Impact, etc.).

There is a better argument for the .25 in terms of cost (a powerful .22 like my 60 ft-lb Marauder is an even stronger argument as I doubt .22 LR will ever match the cost to shoot and you can take small game and medium size varmints quite capably).