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Maybe of some interest to note that as mentioned by sharroff, you might have a pellet that the head is smaller than your groove size. However, skirts always tend to be larger than groove and can benefit from being sized to the bore. As long as the head is atleast just slightly larger diameter than lands, you could still get good accuracy from such a pellet.

I shoot JSB monster .22 cal from my custom .22 marauder. Due to a slightly oversized bore that needed lapped to get it shooting, I ended up with a groove of nearly .218. Heads of the monsters are not .218 thus only the skirts get sized in my .218 die and every now and then a head just kisses the die but most are under .218. This means the head rides the lands while the skirt rides the groove/bore. Suprisingly, this combo has worked out to a very accurate 100 yard rig. Sometimes you find an anomoly that you are convinced based on conventional wisdom should be tossed aside as trash. Every now and then that anomoly like my .22 bore shooting monsters proves to be a diamond in the rough!!