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I just got a fx boss and i have to say by ear, it is actually quieter than my old hatsan at44 qe long in .25. New predator polymags in .30 have also come out. I like the .30 due to the retained energy out to 200-250 yards. It retains enough energy to body shot birds at that range. Chairgun says it is around 30 ft lbs of energy at that range which i could never get with my old .25 wildcat. One thing to note is that my wilfcat was super quiet compared to my boss. Shooting with my boss is borderline backyard friendly. This is especially true if you are shooting at or near water. The pellets sound like they are exploding when impacting the water. This was only something where i could experience it at close range with the wildcat. Just go with your gut feeling with all the knowledge we gave you here on the forum and i guarantee you will have made the right choice. Also .30 cal eats alot of air :(. Very hard to keep up with my handpump.