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I was at the shooting show on Friday where I met with Simon Cockayne. At his request I brought the rifle along to a promise of time with him on the range and a resolution. All I was offered was a replacement rail and a statement from Simon that he ‘didn’t have time’. When I initially contacted Daystate about this problem and Simon called me last week, I thought I was embarking on a ”good way” to fix the problem. Now I feel let down and left with no alternative but to challenge your reassurances in this thread that the design is ‘good’. I AM a very reasonable individual, and until I read your first response Tony, wasn’t even remotely cross about this particular issue. Now I am. How dare you intimate that anything in my post was unreasonable or that any of my actions to date have been unreasonable. I’ve made every effort to be reasonable in contacting Daystate first of all, taking the rifle to Coventry, as requested, to no or little avail!

Along with ozone08, I think the Pulsar is a fabulous rifle. I’m also certain that the mounting system has many fans, I was told as much on Friday. However, along with ozone08’s, mine does move, has been proved to move, has been measured as to how much it moves and, Daystate were given an opportunity to confirm the truth or otherwise on Friday but didn’t take it.

Now I’m afraid, I also want to return the rifle for a refund. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to also contact the Airgun Centre on my behalf?