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:) ‘if it’s in a good condition’  can I still class it as new if iv only ran 100-150 pellets thru it since purchasing from new on 08/01/2016 regardless I wont be sending it back to daystate at my own cost iv already spent a little under £7k on daystate alone between 2015/16. this last week I have completely changed my opinion on the company an i was a massively loyal customer im shocked at Tonys Belas’s attitude towards people who dare question what we feel is a design flaw believe me when I say not all the clever people work at daystate there are some some others out there with logic in design. 

“DaystateUK”Sorry to hear any tale of woe but just crying ‘design problem’ doesn’t alter the fact that the intermount on your pulsar has 1000 friends, none of which seem to suffer this, nor did the three I shot in Octobers extreme bench rest or the one wyan (a Daystate tester) shot at last year’s world Ft match. Quite apart from the two years of testing carried out before hand.

I know it different and that can be disturbing, but you need to take another look. Sure you have a problem but this is not a good way to fix it. Speak to the guys at aoa, they are capable and willing to help any reasonable person.

[quote=”DaystateUK”]Sorry assumed you were American as this is an American forum. I’m currently working at the British Shooting Show I’m Coventry, but you are welcome to come here. We have a pulsar on the range, which if it’s a design fault would have to be the same. Though the hundreds that have shot it since Friday wouldn’t seem to agree.

Take you rifle back to the dealer, we will collect and check it and if it’s in good condition I’ll make sure you get you’re money back.

All the best. Tony B


If I have 1001 friends does that mean im correct and you’re wrong? just because you think it” has a 1000 friends” (does it have its own facebook page?) dosnt mean there is not any faulty ones.  Lochen’s ORO is number 059 my ORO serial is a lower number than that so out of the first 59 pulsars at least 2 have the same fault.  im not crying tony im just out of ideas have spoken to daystate and being tolled theres nothing wrong with it just send it to us at my own cost pee’s me off it cost me £2k and nobody at daystate is bothered and the boss is just insulting and rude behind a keyboard (and you don’t even know who you insulting)  im more than willing to show you the problem privately and face to face if your willing to.

Tony take that Pulsar to a private range when you get back to the factory away from us crying customers and zero the scope,  Then apply a tiny bit of pressure to either side of the scope with your little finger for a second,  then shoot the rifle I know you wont come on hear and admit it but at least ill know your aware its a problem if you wasn’t already.

Now this is not a wich hunt I have many Daystate’s and they have all been flawless other than normal serviceable components that you’d expect this is the only daystate iv had a problem with and to be met with this response from the boss of the company in public domain is really disappointing as iv actually stuck up for daystate in the past but now I have to agree with some of them the pulsar is the last new daystate I purchase im not supporting the company any longer.