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“zebra”Most people fill their cf bottles on their rifle at home. It is their scuba or scba tank that you take to the paintball or dive shop for a fill. 

The main reason not to hydro dip anything on your gun is that you might want to sell it some day. You would limit potential buyers to people with your taste. Personally, I would never buy an air gun that someone has covered in camo paint etc. I think it looks hideous but that’s my taste. I like to keep my guns in factory condition. 

There is no reason it would damage your bottle as long as the valve was sealed. After all they are made to be air tight. Maybe keep it off the threads though…

I agree about resell.  I like my guns camouflaged since I am into hunting more than shooting or collecting. Probably not even that big of an edge, but I guess it is kind of  physiological . Power positive thinking if I think it helps, it does.  I also agree they are not really things of beauty, after the treatment. But it sound like other than that if is ok.  I will be doing it in a few weeks if I can get my ducks in a row.