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Eohlin:  That’s what i plan on getting as well, SWFA 16x.  I was leaning towards the MTC Connect or the Hawke Airmax 30 but i wanted to give a FFP a shot and see how it works for me.  Weight isn’t an issue for me because 95% of all my shots are from a bipod, tripod, or rest.  As for timing, the weather in Cali is great right now so thats not an excuse for me, but i’m in no rush because i’ve got the Cricket .22 and a s510 that need some loving’.  Was going to try shooting 16 grain in the Cricket @ 900FPS because the best i can get with 18 grains is 876.  If the 16 get any more accuracy i may switch.  Just hate having the money and not buying now because as we all know money has a way of just disappearing if you leave it laying around for awhile.