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aoa is a a tad to far for me as im in Cheshire UK,  maybe you’re correct and its pure coincidence that the only rifle I have with a scope rail that you can flex with one finger has a scope accuracy problems.  The bottom line is the pulsar is a great rifle apart from a couple of things but ill never have confidence in the rail you can say it’s not a problem but I don’t live far from you Tony come meet me at my local shooting club in warrington and I can 100% show you it is a problem and I can shift the scope POI with one finger.  If you come and im wrong wouldn’t that be a great way to put the rail douts to bed on the forum.

PS I know this is not a good way to fix the problem,  im no longer trying to fix the problem because daystate just like you deny it is a problem hence why I have given up hope and am getting my £2000 back.