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I’ve been struggling with POI shift for the last couple of months with my Pulsar. It’s been a lengthy and laborious process to get to where the problem is. I even sent my scope off to be checked/repaired to be informed that there was nothing wrong with it. What is happening is this:- give the scope a sharp tap on either side and POI shifts by half an inch at 10 yards in either direction. Never any more than half an inch and repeatable time after time.
Investigating this strange behaviour further, I discovered, using a feeler gauge, that the clearance under the front of the rail would increase on the side of the tap, the gap on the other side decreased by an equivalent amount. When this happened, the POI shift was confirmed by a shot. To compound the problem, if the rifle is left for any period of time in it’s bag, leaning against something hard, or suffers a knock during transport, the rail will move.
This has cost me a qualifier to a competition when the rail suddenly moved during a shoot leaving me not even seeing a POI at 30 yards, the expense of having my scope tested and way too much frustration.
I’ve spoken to Daystate and had an all to brief but pre arranged meeting with Simon Cockayne, who has promised me a new rail, theorising that it’s the rail that’s at fault without even looking at my rifle, which I had with me. I’ve accepted that offer but it’s not the rail, it’s the design and method of fitting it to the rifle.
The rail can rotate, by the amount of clearance in the bolt holes, around the circular barrel collar (the gold bit on the Oro). 
The designers should have utilised the dovetail on the receiver end of the action to mount a properly dovetailed rail, end of!

If Mr Belas reads this……….Very very disappointing Tony, and shockingly poor customer care on the part of Simon. There is NO technical or warranty cure for this fault, the rail fitting needs to be redesigned and fitted properly.

After spending the best part of my 2 grand on this rifle, I now have to source, have machined to fit, new parts, to make an accurate air rifle.