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As a HW100 owner i must admit this look a bit “cheap”.

Polymer action/rail and non-removeable cylinder, that will be fun to play around with when it gets a leak, cant wait for the first reports of “cracked this and that”, “stripped the threads, now what”.
Polymer stock, fine if you use it exclusively as a tool and dont want to worry about it, my FX dove eliminator has a plastic stock. Safety switches look like pot metal. If aluminum, would a polish or anodize have killed the price ?. And finally a match grade trigger with blade made of plastic in 2016 , c´mon weihrauch.

Above is just my thoughts, no hate towards Weihrauch. I love my hw100 and i think they make the best springers. HW110 may turn out to be the best thing ever and the polymeraction indestructable, but im not making room in the safe for one.