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“weatherby”Sounds familiar, I had the same with the Boss. Sold it because it was boringly accurate, but it always kept itching after I sold it. (Swapped the barrel on that one for a .25cal BSA hammer forged barrel, I’m a 25cal fan:))
I like FX airguns, as they are reasonably priced here in EU, and I like their innovative way of designing airguns.
When I went to Sweden on holidays, I brought a .25 bobcat MK2 and a R500 black pepper. As I couldn’t choose which one to keep, I flipped a coin and sold the R500.
Big mistake, because bullpups are not my cup of tea I found out. But the R500 was gone already……. Bummer. Sold the Bobcat MK2 and bought a RAW HM1000x .30cal
Very nice rifle, and also swapped the barrel for a .25 cal.
Eventually, I sold it to a club member, because RAW’s are really expensive over here (+2600$), I couldn’t justify to have that amount of money sitting in a single airgun. Keep in mind, the RAW is about 1000$ more expensive than the FX Boss. 

Recently, I bought a walnut stocked FX Boss again, and couldn’t be happier. Of course, I swapped barrels again, and customized a .25 LW barrel blank with carbon sleeve and shroud, just like I did with the RAW.
Why choose a Boss over a R500 while I actually wanted a .25 cal? Well, I’ll tell you. I wanted to shoot the king heavies at significant speed (900+ fps) and the Boss has got the power to do so. Besides that, it comes with the match trigger and a regulator standard. Only thing I don’t like with all FX-es are their skinny 14mm barrels. That’s also the reason that I started putting carbon sleeves around about every barrel I come across. It really improves stiffness a lot, and to me, it also looks better too. (You won’t see me wrapping a gun in carbon look, it’s got to be functional as well. Form follows function:))

Thats a heck of an idea, fitting a .25 barrel to a .30 action. I’m curious why LW over the smooth twist? I would go LW if I thought it would get me better results than I am getting, but I prefer the smooth twist if for nothing else I hardly ever have to clean it. How does your rig sling those heavies? That must be putting out quite a bit of power for a .25