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 Not at all certain what the charges/time frame is if you just order say an o-ring but they DO list estimated ( snow this year even closed amazon for three days) delivery time and such.

 And I think you have the checkout option of express?
I have mostly ordered pellets from them and they seem to arrive in three days ( shipped to Liberty TN) using the least costly option.  Now I have heard of “smart post” being used for some ( small ?) orders and pity the person who gets theirm order delivered by FedEx AND USPS – and maybe another private contractor thrown in-.
 Even when ordering with “free shipping” I get my goods in 2 days ( once 3 days) as stated on their web site.

 Sorry you had to wait but esp. for pellets, buy 3 get 4th free AND free shipping “I” cant see ordering anywhere else.