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I know quiet is subjective to each person and where they shoot . But for me the 30 caliber is over the threshold of what I can get away with where I live . Shot count is Much less ,and there is just a point where you are pushing such a large volume of air that it is just gonna make more noise . Plus the noise of pellet impact is greater . I had a Hatsan 30 and it shot fine but I sold it to my shooting buddy after less than a tin of pellets .
I think that a 25 will do Most ( but not all ) that a 30 can do . Plus much larger selection of ammo . If you are shooting coyote size game and noise isn’t such a big deal then the 30 would be the way to go for sure . When I’m hunting with a 25 I tend to think of it power wise as a 22 short …The 30 was more like a hot long rifle 22 if that helps